Heavy metal detoxification

One of the most important health benefits of Chlorella binds to toxins that reside in our body including lead, cadmium, mercury and uranium and prevents them from being reabsorbed. Regular consumption of Chlorella helps prevent heavy metals accumulate in the soft tissues and organs of our body (Shim et al, 2009;. Queiroz et al., 2003).

In 2011, Yun et al., concluded that the administration of Chlorella vulgaris was able to reduce the damage from free radicals by acting directly as a chelator of free radicals and indirectly when stimulating antioxidant enzyme activities in clinical studies with animals were given a low level exposure to lead.

Nakano et al., 2007 analyzed the concentrations of dioxins and immunoglobulins (IgA) in breast milk after addition of Chlorella pyrenoidosa supplements during pregnancy. They concluded that Chlorella supplementation not only reduces levels of dioxins in breast milk, but may also have beneficial effects in infants by increasing IgA levels in breast milk.

In addition, Chlorella vulgaris helps protect against other toxic substances by antioxidant action during naphthalene poisoning. The exposure of rats to naphthalene resulted in formation of free radicals in the liver and kidneys of rats, whereas numerous antioxidants degrade. Chlorella supplementation significantly reduced free radical damage, while maintaining antioxidants near normal levels (Vijayavel et al., 2007).